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Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Nothing is scarier for a parent or caregiver than your child having a medical emergency. Fortunately, your local emergency department is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year and no one is more qualified to care for children in a medical emergency than emergency physicians. They receive comprehensive training in treating childhood emergencies and have more training in pediatric emergencies than other physicians, including pediatricians.

Many emergency physicians devote their careers to pediatric research, training and development of clinical standards. Others educate the public about injury prevention and the warning signs of medical emergencies. Emergency physicians treat 40 million pediatric patients each year – treating anything from a bee sting to an asthma attack or a playground injury.

Children have unique needs that are heightened during serious or life-threatening emergencies. It’s important that emergency department have the medications, equipment, resources, and staff to provide effective emergency care for children of all ages. The American College of Emergency Physicians partners with the the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend ways health care providers can make sure every injured or critically ill child receives the best care possible.

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