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Improving Workflow to Protect Patient Access to Care

Emergency physicians welcome a chance to share best practices for patient and practice management. Legislation, regulation and decisions made at state, community or even the individual hospital level should prioritize timely access to the highest quality emergency care.

An August 2021 public opinion survey showed that adults most trust emergency physicians and strongly prefer their care to be delivered by physician-led teams. A board-certified emergency physician, supported by all of the resources necessary to provide the highest quality care, should be a part of every emergency visit.

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) continues to work inclusively toward that goal with groups that represent emergency nurses, physician assistants, residents and other emergency care team members. This can be particularly challenging in many rural, smaller or underserved communities, where the emergency department is a vital safety net for vulnerable patients. 

ACEP also prioritizes programs that promote physician wellness and help avoid burnout, a significant contributing factor to physician shortages.

A collaborative approach to addressing workforce challenges is important and emergency physicians will continue to support a broad range of initiatives to enhance access to emergency physician-led care in each of the nation’s emergency departments.  

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