America's ER Docs Alarmed by Rising Violence From Patients

September 23, 2022

HealthDay News

"Violence in the emergency department continues to threaten and harm emergency physicians and patients," said Dr. Chris Kang, president-elect of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), which conducted the poll. "Over the past five years, emergency physicians have witnessed and experienced a steady increase in assaults made worse by the pandemic. This report underscores how attacks on emergency physicians, care teams and staff are rampant and must be addressed."

The findings, gathered in 2022, update a similar poll taken in 2018.

"Emergency physicians should not have to compromise their duty to care for patients because of their injuries and worries about their personal safety," Kang said in an ACEP news release. "In addition to physical risks, the persistent threat of violence detracts from patient care and contributes significantly to emergency physicians' mental health challenges and burnout."

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