Patients Report Preference for Physician-Led Emergency Department Care

April 4, 2022

Patient Satisfaction News

Nearly three-quarters of patients would be concerned if there was not a physician leading their medical care in the emergency department, according to new survey data from the American College of Emergency Physicians, suggesting a preference for physician-led care in the medical setting.

These findings come as the nation debates expanded scope of practice laws, which would allow advanced practice providers, like nurse practitioners or physician assistants, to practice at the top of their licenses. This latest surveying from ACEP, which included responses from about 2,200 patients, showed that expanded scope of practice may not adhere to patient preferences.

“In an emergency, patients want their care supervised by an emergency physician,” Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP, president of ACEP, said in a public statement. “While everyone involved with patient care is a qualified professional, emergency physicians have the most training and education, and they should be the ones leading every emergency care team in the country.”

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