Stay Home, Save Lives.

As America gets vaccinated, emergency physicians urge everyone—patients, clinical leaders, policymakers, and local officials—to stay vigilant and work together to curtail illness and limit the losses that this virus causes.

We need to continue taking steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones, including practicing social distancing, covering our face when we’re around others, and frequently washing our hands.

Some people may have mild symptoms and could be contagious before they know they are sick—inadvertently spreading the virus and putting others at risk. This "silent transmission" of COVID-19 is one factor contributing to the spread.

The CDC recommends precautions, which may include wearing a mask, quarantining, or isolating, in the event of exposure to someone with COVID-19 or testing positive yourself. Consult their guidelines to learn what to do if you've been exposed.

Make sure you are getting health information from reliable sources such as your doctor, public health department or local leaders. Conditions where you live are likely changing rapidly.

Without an all-hands-on-deck approach, COVID-19 is going to keep spreading and we risk losing more people we care about. Stay safe and get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated.

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