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Emergency physicians: #HealthCareHeroes who Stand in the Gap to Protect Patients

Emergency physicians encounter patients who have been failed by the system in some way, whether that’s due to accidents, violent crime, sudden illness, or falling through the cracks of the insurance system. The day many patients see emergency physicians often represents the worst day of their lives. Given the unique nature of emergency medicine, patients may not always get to know them while in their care.

A new PSA from ACEP and the Emergency Medicine Policy Institute shines a light on the health care heroes who stand in the gap to catch those who fall through the cracks.

Emergency physicians represent the sentinels of America's health care safety net during this time of crisis and beyond as they provide life-saving emergency medical care to everyone regardless of gender, race, or their ability to pay.

While you do your part to slow to spread of COVID-19 by staying home, send a message of support to those on the frontlines! Record yourself saying thank you to the health care hero in your life and share it on social media using the #HealthCareHeroes. You can also share a fun image of yourself at home using our Facebook camera filter and profile frame. Follow Emergency Docs on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation.

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