ACEP Exclusively Endorses Edie™ (A.K.A. Premanage ED) Solution From Collective Medical Technologies

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) announced at its recent annual meeting that it has agreed to exclusively endorse Collective Medical Technologies’ (CMT) Edie™ (a.k.a. PreManage ED) software. CMT is the leader in network-driven collaborative care management for patients with complex care needs. Following an extensive due diligence process, ACEP decided to collaborate with CMT because of its proven ability to improve patient outcomes by reducing the risk of emergency department visits and avoidable readmissions for high-risk patients with complex needs.

This collaboration developed under the leadership of Jay A. Kaplan, MD, FACEP, immediate past president of ACEP.

“From the physician’s perspective, Edie™ improves patient care by allowing emergency physicians to make more informed clinical decisions and better direct a patient’s follow-up care,” said Dr. Kaplan. “It also lowers health care costs through a reduction in redundant tests and through better case management that reduces hospital readmissions. By giving physicians and care teams more visibility, more insight into the health and well-being of their patients than they’ve ever had before, they’re better able to serve and thrive in this new era of risk and value-based care.

“Looking forward, electronic health information sharing is a key priority for ACEP,” said Rebecca Parker, MD, FACEP, ACEP’s president. “Through collaboration, Edie™ supports our diverse physicians and patients—helping us deliver the best possible care, real-time while reducing the administrative burden for emergency departments.

“We’re seeing how the network effects that stem from connecting providers and care managers from disparate organizations across communities enable genuine, honest-to-goodness care collaboration by providers who may not have ever even met one another but who share a common relationship with the patient,” said Chris Klomp, CEO of Collective Medical Technologies. “These efforts drive meaningful results in terms of rationalized emergency department utilization and inpatient readmissions. This endorsement by ACEP provides expert third-party confirmation of the value that our care collaboration tools provide to hospitals and health systems looking to deliver the best possible care.

“As emergency physicians who often must act immediately to treat patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries without any knowledge of their medical history, we fully appreciate the critical role that effective and immediate information sharing can play in improving patient care,” said Dr. Kaplan. “We strongly support the development and implementation of systems that provide this capability. PreManage ED is pioneering this effort in emergency departments across the country, providing tangible and meaningful benefits to patients and physicians as well as hospitals and states."

Collective Medical Technologies (CMT) is the leader in collaborative care management and is dedicated to eliminating avoidable risk by closing the provider communication gaps that undermine patient care. CMT uses real-time data, risk analytics, notifications, and shared care guidelines to prompt and guide provider decision making in a way that drives differential outcomes in terms of reduced ED utilization and inpatient readmissions. The result is a network of thousands of Emergency Departments, primary care, behavioral health, and other ambulatory providers, health plans, ACOs and other managed care organizations, and post-acute providers who collaborate to collectively deliver better care to millions of patients. Edie (a.k.a. PreManage ED) is endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) as a significant benefit for its physicians and their patients. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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