Coronavirus Doctors Battle Another Scourge: Misinformation

August 17, 2020

The New York Times

Dr. Howard Mell, an emergency room physician in an Illinois suburb of St. Louis, said the wife of a man who had died from the coronavirus in April accused him of falsely filling out the death certificate to make more money for himself. He explained that the form was accurate and that his pay was not based on the cause of death.

“She yelled, ‘We’ve seen online how you guys get more money,’” Dr. Mell said.

Since then, the situation has not improved, he said. Several times per week, he meets someone who believes false medical information that was discovered online.

“It has absolutely become a job unto itself,” said Dr. Mell, who is also a spokesman for the American

College of Emergency Physicians, a group representing E.R. doctors.

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