She suddenly passed out, leaving a huge scar. Doctors say it can happen to anyone

July 11, 2023

It may seem like a freak accident, but passing out is one of the most common issues emergency medicine doctors see, says Dr. Torree McGowan, an emergency medicine physician in Culver, Oregon, and a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians.

The causes can range from benign all the way up to life-threatening, and depending on what the person is doing when they pass out, the consequences of suddenly fainting can be severe, including cracked skulls and brain injuries, she adds.

“I have seen patients that have had big cuts on their face like this lady did. I’ve seen people that have had bleeding in their brain. I’ve seen people who have had broken necks, broken arms. You can absolutely hurt yourself when this happens,” McGowan, who did not treat Clark, tells

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