Violence Against Healthcare Workers Is A Growing Problem

April 29, 2021


One of the most common healthcare workplaces that is a victim of violence is the emergency room. Most ERs across the nation provide an opportunity for any and all patients to enter and receive stabilizing and emergent care as needed. A recent study in conjunction with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) found that of the 3500+ emergency medicine physicians surveyed, 71% reported witnessing an assault, while a shocking 47% of physicians reported being physically assaulted themselves. 97% of physicians stated that the main source of these assaults was patients, and 83% stated that a patient threatened to return to the facility to harm them.

Other healthcare workers are equally in danger; per the OSHA report, registered nurses and nursing students are also frequently victims of assault. Given that nursing staff spend significant amount of time interfacing with patients, often for intake, procedures, transport, as well as the discharge process, this problem makes sense.

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