How a San Diego Doctor Fought Infectious Disease with Just Three Words

February 24, 2020

San Diego Union Tribune

Those three little words aren’t much on their own. They’re not even a complete sentence. But they encapsulate an idea born in the mind of Dr. Kristi Koenig, medical director of the San Diego County Emergency Medical System, that has revolutionized the way that medical professionals tackle treating patients with infectious diseases.

Though the big Ebola scare of 2014 created the impetus to find a better way, Koenig’s idea has been adapted to a host of other pathogens, most recently novel coronavirus, which has now killed more than 2,300 in China and infected more than 79,000 worldwide.

Back in 2014, it became clear to Koenig, who was then on the medical staff at UC Irvine, and colleagues on an American College of Emergency Physicians panel convened to study the Ebola situation, that there needed to be a better way to protect providers and patients when deadly infections arrive in emergency departments.

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