‘We Are Burned Out:’ Nearly 1 in 2 Health Care Workers Say COVID-19 Has Harmed Their Mental Health

January 25, 2021

Morning Consult

“The one big concern that everybody has is burnout and mental health,” said Dr. Mark Rosenberg, chair of emergency medicine at St. Joseph’s Health in Paterson, N.J., and president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. “‘I’m tired.’ ‘I don’t know how much more I can keep doing this.’ ‘I retired.’ These are the comments that I’m getting from people.”

The pandemic is affecting health care staff’s interactions with other people, too, the survey found. For most health care workers, their relationships with friends have either stayed the same (48 percent) or gotten worse (30 percent). When it came to their significant others and children, they were more likely to say their relationships have stayed the same (39 and 33 percent, respectively) or gotten better (26 and 23 percent.)

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