Preparing for an Emergency

Preparation can save lives. The more you know about what to expect in an emergency department, the easier it will be to make critical decisions when seconds count. You will never be turned away, even if you can’t pay. 

Advance Directives: Have the Conversation

It is helpful for everyone to have several documents in order. There are emergency checklists, details about your personal medical history, and what’s called advance directives. These are the forms that result from some of the hard conversations that you should have with family or loved ones before an emergency occurs. 

What are your end of life wishes? How should the professionals approach treatment decisions if you lose the ability to care for yourself?  Emergency physicians highly recommended that everyone takes steps to ensure that end-of-life wishes are carried out. 

Emergency or Urgent Care: Know When to Go

It is important to know when to go to the emergency department. Part of that effort for everyone is to better understand the difference between urgent care and emergency care.

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